Efficiency developed
by Risk Engineers.


iMitig8 Risk Tracker (iMRT) is a powerful interactive project database, workflow management and risk recommendation tracker that has been specifically designed for the insurance risk engineering industry.  The system communicates seamlessly with Risk Engineers, Insurance Brokers, Risk Managers and Site Respondents, providing useful alerts and reminders to ensure risk is managed proactively, by targeting inherent problems that assists with better decisions, as well as preventing insurance related disasters. 

Our software will enable the Insurance Underwriter to first of all approve risk recommendations, through the SECURE PORTAL before issuing them to the Insured.  Once approved, the recommendations will be tagged with the issue date and time.  The insured Site Respondent will log into the SECURE PORTAL to update the action taken, OR use our custom MOBILE APP, which will automatically send an alert the Risk Engineer to advise them that relevant action has been taken.  The date in which action is taken is also tracked through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), stating how long the recommendation took against the predetermined target action dates.

The system provides Real-time Risk Recommendation Analytics, both at project level and an aggregate of all projects subscribed within the secure cloud, providing vital information anywhere and at anytime.