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Ecosystem of aggregated data

Data is one of the key drivers when it comes to managing risk.  iMRT captures risk recommendations using the Risk Engineer Mobile App.  The data uses our bespoke algorithms to provide graphical information and trending analysis for each project, which is accessible from the App, or from any one of the SECURE Portal's.   

The categories of risk are also captured, providing data for types of project, as well as types of risk encountered. We have also provided features to allow past projects and recommendation data into the system to provide instant analysis of a mass storage of data, that has never been captured before. 

A unique feature captures the risk recommendation categories for all Insurance Subscribers within our SECURE Cloud, providing aggregated data at high-level and so protects the identity of the insured and insurance company, therefore the feature only collates the country in which the recommendations were captured, the type of project, recommendation category and sub-category, for example "Fire Category - Hot Work". This enables the user to access Global Data, as well as stored project categories from the managed projects, allowing a much wider understanding of the type of recommendations around the world. This information is only accessible to insurance companies and brokers, and not the insured risk managers, yet this can be shared with insured and other stakeholders to offer valuable information, that maintains stronger relationships.