Meet the future of
Insurance Risk Engineering...

iMitig8 Risk Tracker (iMRT) is a powerful SaaS platform that dramatically reduces time, cost and insurance claims, by managing Risk Improvement Recommendations. 

- Real Time Communications Hub

- Stakeholder Integration: Underwriters, Brokers, Risk Engineers, Risk Managers & Site Managers

- Integrated Workflow

- Automatic Safety Alerts & Notifications 

- Aggregated Ecosystem of Analytics  

- Easy to use


The software has been designed by a Leading Risk Engineering Firm, in association with leading Carriers...We want to continue to improve our software and we are looking for a few exceptional Insurance Carriers, Reinsurers and Brokers to help us refine our next generation Loss Control and Risk Engineering Platform...  Interested? 



Clear and concise
information at a glance.  


The interactive dashboard provides a snapshot of the risk portfolio through various
lenses. Intuitive and easy to use, the dashboard has been designed to provide the
user with key information, perfect for managing projects and deadlines. Comparisons
are shown making it easy to spot any trends. 



Risk Recommendations + Data Analytics
= Reduced Claims  


We use bespoke algorithms to offer you reporting which will differentiate you from your competitors. Information can be shared with stakeholders to offer valuable risk information and maintain relationships. Reports provide secure visual graphics showing trending analysis, all available at your fingertips. Data retrieved and stored in our ecosystem to build a wider understanding of the different types of recommendations given based on location. 



A Management Team
in one Application.


iMRT saves you time, therefore saves you money. The software follows standard industry protocols by ensuring all recommendations are approved before going to the Insured. Alerts are sent to remind the Underwriter of any outstanding approvals so a deadline is never missed. Everyone is kept in the loop through automated notifications saving valuable time and resources. 



The all-in-one
Mobile App

Information can be easily uploaded to the iMitig8 Risk Mobile App meaning files upon files of paperwork can be a nightmare left in the past. We've developed a dual mobile app interface tailored to suit both the Risk Engineer and the Site Respondent. The App supports auto-alerts, an interactive floor plan, uploading files, recommendations, appointments, and real-time analytics. 



Cost-efficient Risk
Engineer Appointments.


The Global Inspection View informs underwriters of where and when Risk Engineers will inspect a risk, allowing additional inspections to be scheduled in the same location. This will manage the Risk Engineer's time more effectively and save money on flight costs.



Say goodbye
to over-spending.


Budget Control allows underwriters to be in total control of how much of the Risk Engineering Fee is spent with alerts sent to notify at key stages. These alerts ensure that the expenses do not exceed the budget.