Key Features



Created to view concise information at a glance. The dashboard allows the user to interrogate the status of risk reports, projects and insurance claims recorded within the system. Alerts are sent to the user to notify of any status changes or deadlines.


workflow management

A versatile tracking system built to accommodate all relevant stakeholders. The software alerts Risk Engineers to any new instructions added by the Insurance Company. The Company can then track the workflow of all assigned projects. The tracking system also manages the approval of recommendations which have been added by the Risk Engineer. 

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Fee Proposal & Budget monitoring

The Insurer can send vendors invitations to submit a fee proposal before allocating the project.  This automatically tracks the response and sends out the acceptance/rejection emails to vendors. The Budget is also tracked and controlled by default or by bespoke selection. Alerts are sent to the Insurer to notify when the Risk Engineering budget reaches 75%, 85% and 95%. These notifications are in place to manage budgets and meet deadlines. 

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iMRT ensures real-time analytics are at your fingertips. The secure data uses our bespoke algorithms to provide graphical information and trending analysis for each project. This key information can be shared with the insured and broker to differentiate the Insurance Company and maintain relationships. 

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The iMRT platform is an essential organisation system which works hard to take the pressure off your management team. The application sends alerts to relevant users about; status changes, reminders, reaching critical points, budget spends, appointments and new recommendations. 


Inspection View

The global inspection view has been created to save you time and money. The user can easily identify inspections and their location. This information can then be used to find the most cost-effective way to deploy engineers to different appointments in nearby locations. 


& Share

Files, documents, photos, videos and voice transcripts can be uploaded easily with the touch of a button.

Privacy settings can be enabled at any time to give access to approved authorities. 

Location & Gps

Viewing the location of inspection at
street level provides the Risk Engineer
with a snapshot of what to expect
upon arrival.

The Mobile App guides the user to an insured risk location through the built in GPS Navigation.

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We understand the importance of data. It's vital within the Risk Insurance Industry that everyone has access to the facts that feed decisions. That's why we have created
real-time time reports which can be used to create bespoke reports highlighting any key issues or findings. 


The iMRT Platform allows the Inspector to schedule appointments via the Mobile App. Once this is set, the system automatically alerts the Insurance Company and places the inspection status on a global map.  A reminder alert is also triggered when the inspection date is drawing near, so the inspection appointment is always managed effiecently. 

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