Mobile App


A risk engineer's personal assistant...

Risk Engineers often have several documents such as underwriting information, policy documents, maps and plans that are required when undertaking the risk review of any project.  This can be extremely bulky to manage and having access to a Laptop can help, but can also be cumbersome, when is comes to accessing the information, often needing an internet connection to access the companies server. So we came up with the perfect solution... the Risk Engineer Mobile App.

The user will log on to the App to view an intuitive dashboard where they are able to view and input information with one click. Any documents uploaded from the Portal will be synchronized with the Engineer's Mobile App to ensure all information is up-to-date. The user is able to update appointments on their phone which will send an auto-alert to the Client. 

The Risk Engineer can easily use the floor plan feature to pinpoint the area of risk then upload; photographs, videos and voice text. Risk category and risk type is mapped.

The App dashboard shows real-time analytics which make's it easy for the user to see recommendation and inspection reports. 


Compliance made easy...

The Site Respondent has a similar interface to the Risk Engineer's platform although adapted to suit their needs. New recommendations and alerts are sent to the user. Upon approaching deadlines, reminder alerts are sent to the Site Respondent. 

Action items are all kept organised with in an update risk item. Here images and photos can be taken to show compliance. The Site Respondent has access to analytics on their dashboard to help target inherent weaknesses.